Fishing the High Falls Flowage Crivitz Wisconsin

Popp's Resort is located on the wild shores of the 1,600 acre High Falls Flowage, part of the Peshtigo River in Northeast Wisconsin and home of the new Peshtigo River State Forest. High Falls Flowage is most noted for its 32 miles of wild shores which have given up many a trophy Walleye, Musky and Bass. When you see the granite outcropping, islands and forested shores, you will swear you are in Canada.

High Falls Flowage is one of the few places in Wisconsin where fishermen can enjoy endless opportunities. Not only can you catch a variety of fish but the potential for landing a trophy is always present. Whether it be a 10 pound Walleye, 6 pound Bass, or a 50 pound Musky, they all swim in High Falls Flowage.

Along with these large specimens, there are plenty of Crappie, Bluegill and Perch to satisfy the pan fisherman. The spring fishing starts in mid-April when the water begins to warm. Bluegills begin to move into the shallow in search of spawning areas. This is the time to bring out your fly rod or just bait a hook with a worm and enjoy the action.

The first two weeks in May are "Walleye Time". Fathead minnows work best fishing the rocky areas in 10 to 15 feet of water. The bridge and North Narrows are generally the hot spots. As the water warms, the Walleye move deeper and get into their summer habitat. Crawlers and leeches work at this time in the deeper water. High Falls Flowage has a reputation for growing trophy Walleyes. The best time to go after them is late fall with a large minnow in 20 to 30 feet of water.

Smallmouth Bass are also popular fish in the flowage. Like the Musky, they are a self-sustaining population with no stocking. Smallmouth Bass are present in both high numbers and large sizes. Many fish in excess of five pounds are taken each year. The largest fish taken last year tipped the scales with 6 lb. 8 oz. That particular fish was released back into the water.

Smallmouth Bass commonly bite on leeches. Small crank baits work well for both Smallmouth and Large mouth Bass when they are active. Mid-May to mid-June is an excellent time to land a Bass. They are in the shallows spawning, and easy to catch. You may also hit a lot of Bluegills at that time.

By late June, the Large mouth Bass are active and remain so until the late fall. Both the weed lines and the thick weeds are productive in summer. Chartreuse spinner baits and weedless spoons are top baits. In Fall, the Large mouth Bass move along the weed lines. Switch your presentation to either crank baits or jigs.

During the past ten years, High Falls Flowage has really come into its own as a top notch Musky water. Muskies have never been stocked in High Falls Flowage. The were first stocked in Caldron Falls Flowage back in the fifties. In the past 30 years, they have managed to filter into High Falls Flowage. The Musky population in High Falls Flowage is self-sustaining and expanding each year. Due to excellent natural reproduction, this fishery should continue in the future.

Musky season opens the end of May. They bite on bucktails early in the season, changing to jerk baits and surface baits in mid-August. As Fall rolls around, crank baits work best. Both September and October are prime time for a wall hanger. Over 50% of the Muskies caught out of High Falls Flowage last year were over 20 pounds. If a trophy Musky is your dream, then High Falls Flowage is as good as anywhere. It is believed that in the near future, another 50 pound muskie will come out of High Falls Flowage.

Both Bluegills and Crappie are prolific on the Flowage. If the fishing gets slow for the larger fish, pan fish action is always consistent. Crappie fishing is excellent from mid-May through June when they are in shallow spawning. Work the shallow brush with minnows or small jigs. In Summer and Fall, the schools of Crappie roam the weed lines.

High Falls Flowage has variety of fish. There is superb fishing for fishermen of all ages. Whether you are after a trophy or looking for a meal to fry up, High Falls Flowage is your place.

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