Popp’s Resort is located on High Falls Flowage.  We have two sections of our resort where we rent lodging.

The Office and Bait Shop are on County Road X right next to Boat Landing #4 at the end of a channel on the eastern shore of High Falls Flowage. Our Motel Suites, Lakeview Cottages, Brown and Tan Lakeshore Cottage are located near the office and bait shop.

Popp’s Marina, Docking Facility, Deluxe Lakesore Homes, Yellow Lakeshore Cottage and Gray Lakeshore Cottage are located on the main body of water which are just north of the office down Popp’s Lane and through our Seasonal Mobile Home Park.

Flowage Map

From the office, you can see our eight Lakeview Cottages just across the road along a hill. The Tan Lakeshore Cottage (pet friendly) is at the end of the channel and the Brown Lakeshore Cottage (pet friendly) is across the channel from the office. There is no swimming in the channel near our office/bait shop but there is our grass beach in the Marina area and 3 different public beaches on High Falls Flowage. You are welcome to catch and release fish in our channel and all of our boat rentals and gas dock is located here.

Brown Lakeshore Cottage Tan Lakeshore Cottage Motel Suites Lakeview Cottage #1 Lakeview Cottage #2 Lakeview Cottage #3 Lakeview Cottage #4 Lakeview Cottage #5 Lakeview Cottage #6 Lakeview Cottage #7 Lakeview Cottage #8 Rene's Supper Club Bait Shop & Office

Popp’s Motel is located right behind Rene’s Dining Room and the Basketball/ Tennis Court area are also just a few steps away.

If you travel north on Popp’s Lane past Popp’s Maine Shop and Storage Units, you will find Popp’s Seasonal Mobile Home Park, Popp’s Marina Docking Facility, Deluxe Lakeshore Homes and Yellow and Gray Lakeshore Cottages.

Map of Popp's Resort Homes and Cottages.

Our Deluxe Lakeshore Homes as well as the Gray and Yellow Lakeshore Cottages are also located on the above map, just steps away from the boat launch and grassy beach area. There is a fish cleaning table next to the boat launch.